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Factory reuse: Buratti Showroom


An industrial building close to the river Po has been reused for a fashion show room.

We considered the existing volumetric features should offer an interesting spatial resource, and we highlighted it by turning the different façades into a homogeneous folding screen made by timber slats. The main office has become a black telescope box protruding from the wooden skin towards the landscape.

Offices, cafeteria and relax area are in the main block, while the well naturally lightened former laboratories hosts the show room area.


Address: Moncalieri, (Torino)
Year of realization: 2009
Surface: 1600 mq
Works amount: 250.000,00 €
Customer Torino 2009 s.r.l.
Designers G. Ambrosini, C. Catino, P. Gatti, C. Grometto, M. Penna
Performances progetto prelimiare, definitivo, esecutivo e direzione lavori

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