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Moving foot bridge across the Old Port, Savona


In order to link the port district to the historical centre of Savona a pedestrian bridge at the entrance of the harbour has been realized:  it has been designed as a moving structure  to let sailing boats get through the marina . Being in a landscape made of artificial elements such as piers, cranes and boats, the project employs forms and materials belonging to the harbour imagery to create a new element: a sort of a “port machine” crossing the sea and enhancing the presence of the new connection.

Vertical and inclined steel masts back-anchored with stays hold a steel structure made with T and circular welded profiles, rooted at a concrete base containing technical facilities; a couple of pistons, located at both its edges, can push up the central deck, till the slope of 45°.

The footpath is a continuous iroko wooden surface spanning across the sea: the blue color used for all steel elements, the banisters made from horizontal rods and wooden hand-rail remind the ship architecture features.

The bridge is high 6,30 m above the sea level in the middle, to allow permanent clearance for little boats.


Address: Savona
Year of realization: 1998
Surface: 43,50 ml di lunghezza, 2,40 m di larghezza e altezza massima 15 m
Designers G. Ambrosini, C. Catino, P. Gatti, C. Grometto, M. Penna, progetto strutturale: Ing. G. Ciravegna, Ing. M. Badami
Performances progetto e direzione lavori,

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