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Green Pea


The ongoing Green Pea building is intended as the first step of an overall Green Retail Park, aimed at turning the wide open space between Eataly and the railway line into a vivid urban place.

The complex will host retailing and facilities whose production, distribution and sale strategies are  oriented towards sustainability and social responsibility issues.

The existing red wall is extended along the front of the new building, in order to stress the integration with Eataly building. The main character is a great technical "treillage" that provides a filter between the interior and the exterior, including the vertical connections, balconies, green loggias. At street level the architecture expresses an urban identity: it showcases a porous facade, accessible through many entrances, defining a sequence of people-oriented spaces. At top level, a system of green terraces combines the environmental advantages of green roof with a sustainable identity of the building, bringing back cultivated vegetation in a former industrial zone.

Aim of the project is the create a highly sustainable and innovative structure, in order to reduce reliance on energy and natural resources, and in the meantime to provide an architecture able to showcase to everyone the issues of an environmental stewardship.


Address: Area Eataly Lingotto, Torino
Year of realization: 2020
Surface: 10.500 mq
Customer Eataly Real Estate
Designers G. Ambrosini, P. Gatti, C. Grometto (Negozio Blu Architetti Associati), C. Catino (ACC Naturale Architettura)
Performances Progetto e direzione lavori

SHIJIE JIANZHU World Architecture Magazine Publications” n. 275, 05/2013

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