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Old Pastificio Afeltra: exhibition centre, factory restaurant


Gragnano is one of the most important traditional pasta-making sites in Italy.

The project has envisaged the recovery of an old pasta factory, located in a XIX century’s building: production activities has been maintained and renewed, and new activities - such as restaurants and exhibition center - have been created, in order to preserve and improve the existing identity.

On the ground floor are located spaces for the public - exhibition rooms, audiovisuals and a selling point – and for the production; it is possible to visit the factory, where handcrafted techniques through high quality machineries are displayed. A conference room and a meeting point are on the first floor.

The “maccheroneria” is on the upper level. It has been conceived as a wide open space where is possible to eat, drink and relax inside a scenic setting recalling pasta history: furniture acts as screen showing products and packaging, pictures and ancient documents; the ceiling is counterpointed by a wooden frame reminding old pasta drying trellis.


Address: Gragnano, Napoli
Year of realization: 2005
Surface: 2500 mq
Works amount: 1.200.000,00 €
Customer Eataly s.r.l.
Designers G. Ambrosini, C. Catino, P. Gatti, C. Grometto, M. Penna con arch. C. Bertolotti
Performances Progetto prelimiare, definitivo ed esecutivo, direzione artistica

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